Project Management Services.

As a credentialed professional, I provide insight into project management best practices and help you implement good project management in your organization in a way that works best for you. I never stop learning so I can better serve clients and partners! I offer support in three main areas:

Project Management Consulting

For agencies, organizations, and individuals who are new to the discipline of project management or need help defining project management processes. I look at the type of projects, team, and timeline and advise on everything from defining processes to choosing the right tools. Worried about budgets getting out of control? I help you find ways to manage your budget and grow your bottom line.

Fractional Project Management

Have a short-term project or the opportunity to take on new business and need an experienced Project Manager to jump in and help? I offer this service to a very limited set of clients so I can focus on getting you the results you need. I am familiar with most of the popular project management software systems including Asana, Basecamp, Trello, Workamajig, TeamGantt, SmartSheet, and Airtable. I become an extension of your team for the duration of the project or set period of time. Not exactly sure what you need? I can help you figure that out too!

Project Management Tool Implementation

Implementing a new tool can be overwhelming. I provide a four-part process to set you up for success. 1. Discovery - What processes and workflows need to be built or implemented in a new tool? 2. Implementation - Setup of your new tool including all users and projects 3. Training - Ensure the full team understands how the tool works and how to best leverage the available features 4. Adoption - Post training support to help with blockers, questions and remove barriers to team adoption.

Good Project Management Drives Business Results.

If you aren't feeling confident in your project management capabilities, get in touch today. I can help you get on a path to project management success. Don't just take my word for it, research shows that...


The amount of time the average knowledge worker spends doing "work about work".

According to Asana’s Anatomy of Work Index, 60% of a person’s time at work is spent on work about work and not on skilled work. This might include participating in status meetings, sending updates, following up on incomplete tasks, switching Apps and searching for information.


Estimated percentage of project failure.

It is estimated that around 70% of all projects end in failure. While many projects are started with excitement and good intentions it is important to make sure they are set up to succeed. This means being disciplined around setting up the project charter, scope schedule, and team and setting a healthy budget.

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